“I"m sick. How much will this cost me?“

People in the U.S. fear healthcare because of cost. Not just because of high costs, but also because there's no easy way to find out those prices. We want to change that.

What we do

Finestra is on a mission to tackle perhaps the biggest and most complex problem in the United States: health care. People usually don't know how much a treatment or procedure will cost them until after receiving a bill (usually multiple bills) in the mail weeks after receiving such treatment. These bills are extremely confusing, often incorrect, and potentially ruinous.

It is common for people today to search online for prices and information for everything from restaurants and bars to flights, hotels, electronics, cars, and more. We want to bring that same simplicity and transparency to healthcare.

Our Vision

In June 2021, our company began operations in New York City with the purpose of bringing simplicity to healthcare in the United States. The word “finestra” means “window” - a symbol of our commitment to disrupt the opaque status quo of the healthcare industry and bring transparency to the people.

Our Story

After losing his job and health insurance due to COVID-19, founder and CEO Tae Young Woo discovered first hand the maddening complexities of trying to track down prices in health care.

As he watched the global pandemic upend the already-precarious healthcare norms for millions of people, Tae Young realized that a search engine for medical pricing could provide help to many people for whom healthcare is a major expense.

Our Team

We are a remote-first team primarily located in New York City but living in all corners of the United States!